SiteWatch trains citizen volunteers to assist land-management agencies and their preservation partners in protecting New Mexico's cultural resources.

SiteWatch is a network of trained volunteers who monitor prehistoric and historic resources on public, private and tribal lands in their communities. Archaeological sites, historic buildings and places, trails, neon signs, bridges and structures are adopted by site stewards who routinely monitor them for signs of erosion, wear and tear, vandalism, and looting.

Applications and Reporting

Click the button below for reqired volunteer applications and information on how to sign up to our SiteWatch online recording system.

Getting Started

Online Application Instructions
How to: log in and apply to SiteWatch

Site Steward Handbook
The handbook includes guidelines for participating in New Mexico SiteWatch.

SiteWatch brochure
Three-fold color brochure describing the program requirements and benefits. Available for download and printing.

SiteWatch Chapter Coordinators
Complete list of all coordinators in New Mexico

SiteWatch Chapters Map
A map showing areas covered by the various New Mexico chapters.

SiteWatch Code of Conduct
Read before signing the SiteWatch Application and Agreement

Mission Statement

With involvement from the public, we can regularly monitor our cultural resources and preserve them for future generations.

SiteWatch is founded on the belief that preserving New Mexico's cultural heritage builds community, and enhances our quality of life by making the past part of our present-day lives. The program is funded through an annual appropriation of the National Park Service's Historic Preservation Fund, and assistance from preservation partners. Minimal state monies are available, or used, to operate HPD SiteWatch.

Statement of Purpose

  • Prevent cultural resource destruction from acts of nature, theft, or vandalism
  • Utilize the knowledge, skills, and abilities of New Mexico's citizens
  • Raise awareness of historic preservation's value through education and outreach
  • Promote cooperation among communities, agencies, and individuals statewide
  • Organize citizens into a group to make a measurable difference in their quality of life
  • Stewardship of an irreplaceable resource in perpetuity
  • Enhance our knowledge of New Mexico's unique history

Frequently Asked Questions


Please call Jessica Badner at 505-476-6160, or e-mail