Heritage Preservation Month

2022 Heritage Preservation Month & Heritage Preservation Awards

2022 marked the 50th year that the Cultural Properties Review Committee celebrated Heritage Preservation Month. Due to COVID-19, activities for Heritage Preservation Month were limited to recognizing excellent preservation projects with the 2022 Heritage Preservation Awards and issuance of this year’s Heritage Preservation Month poster.

This year's presentation of the 2022 Heritage Preservation Awards took place on May 20, 2022, on ZOOM.  See below for a link to the video of the presentation.  Thanks for watching!


Annual Heritage Preservation Month Poster

Harvey Kaplan, HPD Staff, designed the 2022 Heritage Month Poster using a photograph of Dolores Huerta from Harvey Richard.

2022’s poster was the 35th year that the Historic Preservation Division has issued a Heritage Preservation Month poster. 


The poster may be downloaded here as PDF.


2022 Heritage Preservation Awards

The Cultural Properties Review Committee presented its 50th Heritage Preservation Awards at a virtual ceremony held on May 20, 2022.  To view the presentation video visit here

Six awards were presented by the Cultural Properties Review Committee.  A list of awards may be downloaded here.

2022 Heritage Preservation Awards include:

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Human Systems Research, Inc., Las Cruces, New Mexico.   Human Systems Research, Inc (Las Cruces) is receiving this award for outstanding achievement in the field of Cultural Resource Management.  HSR is a scientific and educational institution that has pursued basic and applied research in archaeology and related scientific and historic fields since 1972.  The entire archaeological staff at HPD supports the nomination. Award presented to:  Human Systems Research, inc. - Dr. Deborah M. Dennis / Dr. David T. Kirkpatrick / Mr. Karl W. Laumbach.

Individual Achievement Award

  • David Kozlowski, SiteWatch Galisteo Chapter. Mr. Kozlowski is a motivated volunteer who spends 300 hours per year working to protect some of the New Mexico’s most vulnerable archaeological sites.  David works in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management and was nominated by Jessica Badner, who coordinates the SiteWatch program at HPD. 

Architectural Heritage Award

  • Castaneda Hotel, Las Vegas, New Mexico. This award is being presented to the Castaneda Hotel Restoration and Renovation, located in the City of Las Vegas. Built in 1898 by the Santa Fe Railroad, this historic National Register-listed Harvey House hotel sat derelict since the 1960s. Utilizing the NM Historic Preservation Division’s Federal Tax Credit program, the $6.8 million Castaneda project was completed in 2021.  This project represents one of the largest tax credit projects in the history of HPD and the State of New Mexico.  Award presented to:  Mr. Allan Affeldt (owner/developer) / Mr. Conor Reichert (project manager) / Ms. Diane Kasha (Hotel Manager) / Mr. Daniel Lutzick (Developer) / Mr. Jorden Grimm (Contractor).

Heritage Organization Award

  • City of Las Cruces, New Mexico.  This 2022 Heritage Organization award recognizes the City of Las Cruces and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to its preservation, rehabilitation, and restoration.  The City of Las Cruces enacted its first historic preservation ordinance in 2019 after years of grass roots efforts.  The City went on to apply for and become the state’s newest Certified Local Government, becoming certified in 2021 by the National Park Service.  This award recognizes the contributions of the City and individuals to the spirit and ethos in developing a historic preservation program within the City of Las Cruces.  Awardees include: Ms. Heather Pollard for her long-standing efforts in support of the preservation and restoration of the Amador Hotel and serving as representative of this effort; Ms. Irene Oliver-Lewis for her advocacy in the preservation of the South Mesquite neighborhood and support in the rehabilitation and reuse of the historic Court Junior High School; Ms. Faith Hutson for her long-standing involvement in preserving the South Mesquite Historic district; Mr. Robert Cruise for efforts to restore numerous buildings in the Alameda Depot and Mesquite Street Historic Districts; Mr. Greg Z. Smith for his support in creating a historic preservation ordinance and advocacy for historic preservation; The City of Las Cruces, represented by Dr. Troy Ainsworth, Historic Preservation Planner, for its commitment to establishing a historic preservation program. The efforts of the City and these citizens illustrate the importance of historic preservation at the local level where historic preservation was once highlighted in individual efforts, it is now a matter of public policy.

Heritage Organization Award

  • St. Theresa Community Center, Grants, New Mexico.  Completed in 1951, the St. Theresa Community Center is significant because it was founded by Reverend Gerard Geier, a Franciscan priest assigned to the St. Teresa of Avila Parish in 1946.  Still owned by the diocese, the center is the focal point of Grants and continues to carryout Father Geier’s vision as a place for the community to gather to celebrate.  The center was built from local materials, including the malpai (lava rock) for the foundation and 18,000 tons of sandstone for the walls. Award presented to St. Theresa Community Center and the following participants:  Father Alberto Avella; Mr. and Mrs. Corinne and Fred Padilla; Mr. Robert Horacek; and Mr. Donald Jaramillo.

Architectural Heritage Award

  • Main Library, City of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The Main Library is significant in the area of architecture because the library, designed by Albuquerque architect George Pearl and completed in 1975, is exceptional as a localized interpretation of Brutalist design, crafted for its particular site, its local climate, and its users, while still maintaining the bold forms and linear elements of Brutalism.  Listed to the state and national registers in 2019 and Landmarked by the City of Albuquerque in 2020, the Main Library is the first brutalist building in New Mexico so recognized; Award presented to Mr. Dean Smith and Mr. Joshua Fox of the City of Albuquerque, Main Library; Thea Haver of Modern Albuquerque and Leslie Naji, Preservation Planner with the City of Albuquerque.