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4.10.19 NMAC
4.10.19 NMAC outlines the qualifications to access the New Mexico Cultural Resource Information System (NMCRIS) and the cultural resource records repository, the requirements for project registration and records submittal, and the applicable fees.

ARMS Note 1 - Cultural/Temporal Affiliation
Updated ARMS Procedures, 2009: Reporting Cultural/Temporal Affiliation & Ethnicity on the Laboratory of Anthropology Site Record

ARMS Note 2 - Site Not Relocated
Updated ARMS Procedures, 2009: Reporting a Site Not Relocated

HCPI Architectural Styles
Architectural Classification: Style and Type to be used with the Historic Cultural Property Inventory (HCPI) Form

NMCRIS Individual Account Application
Complete this form to request a NMCRIS system logon.

NMCRIS Institutional Agreement Application
Submission and annual renewal of this completed user agreement is required for all users of the NMCRIS and the cultural resource records repository.

NMCRIS User's Guide
Guidelines for submitting archaeological records.

NMCRIS User's Guide - Appendix A
2009 appendix to NMCRIS Guide with updated instructions on filling out LA form.