Archaeological Permits

SHPO Directory of Qualified Supervisory Personnel

In order to be listed on the staff roster of any archaeological permit for state land, individuals must be listed on SHPO Directory of Qualified Supervisory Personnel.  A PI/PD must have a graduate degree, 30 months of professional experience including 18 months under the supervision of a professional and 12 months of experience at the supervisory level in New Mexico or an in area with similar kinds of cultural resources.  A supervisory archaeologist/crew chief must have a bachelor’s degree and 12 months of experience in New Mexico or in an area with similar kinds of cultural resources.

The CPRC also reviews and approves the qualifications of individuals who wish to be listed on the SHPO Directory for history, architectural history, historic architecture and cultural anthropology. SHPO Directory application forms can be downloaded from the Forms and Documents page.  Additional information on the minimum qualifications can be found in NMAC 4.10.8.  The applicant must also submit a current resume or CV, a notarized copy of a diploma or official transcripts verifying the highest degree, a copy of a transcript showing the 12 hours of coursework for Architectural History, History or Historic Architecture, and work samples.

In order to remain on the SHPO Directory, each individual must submit 24 hours of continuing education credits and an updated CV or resume every 3 years.  The CPRC has approved Continuing Education guidelines.  Please submit continuing education credits to HPD using the Continuing Education cover sheet.  

Individuals can determine when they need to submit their continuing education credits and updated CV or resume by viewing the SHPO Directory listing.