Public Notice


Attention NMCRIS Users -- Beginning May 1st, 2023 the New Mexico Historical Preservation Division will implement its new Consolidated Fee Schedule for use of the records repository and NMCRIS. This change will result in our first fee increase since 2011.

A full description of the fee changes is available at Please click the link to download the .pdf document entitled 4.10.19 NMAC. The new fee schedule begins on page 5, section (C), Consolidated fee schedule.

Here is a brief summary of the most important changes under the new fee schedule:

  • The annual access fee ($200 - $800) is eliminated. Institutions seeking access to NMCRIS are still required to submit a signed Institutional Agreement, but there is no longer a fee to do so;
  • The project registration fees for archaeological surveys increase by approximately 30% (see 4.10.19 NMAC for a breakdown of the new fees by survey acreage class);
  • Project registration fees will be charged for architectural surveys. This includes a flat fee of $50 plus an additional $25 for each associated cultural resource. For example, an architectural survey that records three historic properties (HCPIs) will be charged $125.00 (the $50 flat fee plus $75 for the three associated resources);
  • For non-survey projects, the distinction between simple and complex projects is eliminated. All non-survey project registrations will be charged a flat fee of $50 plus an additional $25 for each associated cultural resource;
  • As before, archaeological survey trumps all other activity types for billing purposes. For instance, activities that include archaeological survey and testing, or archaeological and architectural survey will be charged solely on the reported acreage for the archaeological survey component; and
  • Customer service fees for file searches and custom database queries remain unchanged. Please note that any modifications to projects registered before May 1st, 2023 requiring a billing adjustment will continue to be charged under the old fee schedule in place at the time the project was first registered.

Please email with any questions regarding the upcoming fee changes. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as NMHPD strives to provided the best possible service to our NMCRIS user community.