Cultural Properties Restoration Fund (“CPRF”) Grant Program

The Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund was established by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham in 2023 to support conservation and preservation projects in the State of New Mexico.  The Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) was fortunate to be one of eight participating departments to receive funding.  The New Mexico Historic Preservation Division (HPD) will administer this program through the Cultural Properties Restoration Fund by offering agencies and other political subdivisions of the state up to $250,000 to fund historic preservation efforts.

CPRF Grant Availability

The Grant Announcement may be downloaded here.  

Grants Administration

The Cultural Properties Restoration Fund Grants Manual may be downloaded here.   

CPRF Grant Program – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions may be downloaded here.

CPRF Grant Application – Forms

Application forms for the Cultural Properties Restoration Fund should include the following which may be downloaded here.



Cultural Property  


Consent and Support




CPRF Grant Reporting Form

Grant Completion & Closeout Form

CPRF Grant Program – Important Dates

  Application Deadline - February 2, 2024, 5:00 p.m.

      Combine all application forms into one PDF and submit to

Award Notification – April 22, 2024

Award Notification – May 24, 2024

  Anticipated Start Date – September 1, 2024

  Anticipated Completion Date – two years from start date


   See FAQs to see if your question is addressed

   For other questions contact Matt Saionz at or 505-827-4040. 

Historic Preservation Grants 

Visit Historic Preservation Grants for more information.

Certified Local Government Grants (CLG Grants)

HPD has a dedicated annual grant program available to Certified Local Governments (CLG).  A CLG is a community which has made a commitment towards establishing a preservation program at the local level.  CLGs have enacted a preservation ordinance and established a preservation commission.  CLGs are eligible to apply for this annual grant program which funds a variety of preservation activities.  Visit the CLG page for more information

Grants E-List

Historic Preservation Division staff maintains a list of persons interested in learning about financial opportunities when they become available by HPD or other entities.  Request to join this list by emailing