State Historic Preservation Plan

New State Historic Preservation Plan

In late 2021, the Historic Preservation Division received approval from the National Park Service on its new State Historic Preservation Plan, Preserving the Enchantment, 2022-2031.

HPD is pleased to present the plan, a PDF version may be downloaded here.

State of New Mexico, Historic Preservation Plan

The State of New Mexico Historic Preservation Officer is required to develop a statewide preservation plan in accordance with Section 101(b)(3)(C) of the National Historic Preservation Act, as amended, and the plan must meet the program requirements found in Chapter 6, Section G, Historic Preservation Fund Grants Manual.

The SHPO develops a written state plan and implements its recommendations.  However, the plan contains objectives that other entities can more appropriately carry out. The state plan addresses the full range of historic and cultural resources in the state.   The statewide plan is a strategic plan, not a department work plan. It engages the public first, then reflects the views of citizens and partners in its content. The SHPO constructed the plan so that a variety of organizations, individuals, agencies, and governments can adopt and implement actions that further its goals and objectives. The state plan was approved by the NPS and has been widely distributed and readily available for public review.

Previous State Plans

Preserving the Enchantment: NM State Historic Preservation Plan 2017-21
Preserving the Enchantment: Sustaining NM’s Cultural Heritage, 2012-2016
Preserving the Enchantment, A Plan for New Mexico, 2007-2011
New Mexico Historic Preservation: A Plan for 2002-2006
New Mexico Historic Preservation: A Plan for the Year 2001
Mission Statement & Goals, State Historic Preservation Division, 1994
New Mexico Historic Preservation Planning Process, 1989

National Park Service, Statewide Preservation Planning Program 

Information from the State, Tribal, and Local Plans Division of the National Park Service's Statewide Preservation Planning Program may be found here.  

Other States' Plans

Links to examples of other states' Statewide Historic Preservation plans may be found below. 

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