Historic Preservation Grants

A grants program is an integral part of supporting historic preservation throughout the State of New Mexico.  However, at this time, the Historic Preservation Division does not have funding for its Historic Preservation Grant program.  If you represent a Certified Local Government, annual grant funds are available via the CLG Grants program, please visit here for more

Preservation grants can help fund Register nominations, outreach, conditions assessments or lay the groundwork for a major preservation project

The Historic Preservation Division periodically has funding available and shares information about other funding sources.  If you wish to receive email notification about these opportunities, please send an email request to to be included in grants notifications.

Historic Preservation Grants Program

Please note that grant funding is not anticipated in 2022 or 2023.   

Grants Administration

The Historic Preservation Division, like other State Historic Preservation Offices, receives annual grant funding from the National Park Service, via the Historic Preservation Fund.  Administration of the grants program is via the New Mexico Grants Manual and the Historic Preservation Fund, Grants Manual produced by the National Park Service. Preserving the Enchantment, New Mexico State Historic Preservation Plan, 2022-2031, also provides goals and objectives for HPD and grant projects must align with its guiding principles. All three documents are available for download below.

CLG Grants

HPD has a dedicated annual grant program for Certified Local Governments. A Certified Local Government (CLG) is a community which has a made a commitment towards preservation at the local level and has passed a preservation ordinance and established a preservation commission.  CLGs can apply annually for these grants which fund a variety of preservation activities and the continuing education of staff and board members.  For information about grants to Certified Local Governments, please see the webpage for the Certified Local Government Program


2020 Historic Preservation Grants Program, Announcement


State of New Mexico Grants Manual

National Park Service, Historic Preservation Fund, Grants Manual

Preserving the Enchantment, State of New Mexico Historic Preservation Plan, 2022-2031

(See goals and objectives on page 59)



Application Form

Project Narrative – Template

Project Schedule – Template

Project Budget – Template

SOIPQs – The Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards

Trip Cost Estimate (for scholarship applications)

For all grant applications for nominations for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, please complete the questionnaire form (if you do not have a current eligibility determination from HPD) AND complete the consent/contact information form. 

NRHP Preliminary Questionnaire

NRHP Consent/Contact Information Form


Budget Examples

Schedule Examples


Progress Report Form

Match, Verification of Cash Match Form

Progress Report Form, Final

Match, Sources of Match Form

Request for Reimbursement (R4R) Form

Donated Items Form

Invoice, Sample

Completion & Closeout Form

Timesheet, Project & Volunteer Labor Form

Post Trip Report (conference attendees only)