Historic Women Marker Initiative

The Historic Women Marker Initiative of 2007 captured the public’s imagination. It has received international attention for its ambitious goal of telling women’s history in New Mexico on some of the state’s 650 Official Scenic Historic Markers. Before 2007, perhaps three markers mentioned women at all.

The lives of the only known female Buffalo solider, one of the world’s most famous artists, and unsung heroes like Sally Rooke who gave her life at her switchboard warning Folsom’s citizens of a wall of water approaching their town are honored on 75 women’s history markers.

The first phase of the Initiative concluded in 2010. Ten more markers were installed in 2015 and an additional 25 are expected to bring their numbers to an even 100 in the coming years. The program is a partnership of the New Mexico Women’s Forum, HPD, CPRC, New Mexico Department of Transportation, and the public. The 2006 legislature made the initial 65 historic markers possible.

Like all state historic markers, the women’s history markers are designed in the Park Service Rustic style adopted when the program began in 1935. What’s different is their perspective of New Mexico history.

Please contact Matt Saionz at HPD, matt.saionz@dca.nm.gov.