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4.10.8 Permits to Conduct Archaeological Investigations
CPRC rule that describes the procedures used to review and issue permits for state land and establishes professional qualification standards.

Cultural Properties on Private Land and Mechanical Excavation Permits
NMAC 4.10.14 describes procedures used to assist owners to preserve cultural properties and registered cultural properties situated on privately owned land and the procedures and standards to excavate an archaeological site on private land using mechanical earth-moving equipment.

Cultural Properties Protection Act
Cultural property protection laws for the state of New Mexico

Cultural Properties Publications Revolving Fund
This document is in .PDF format.

Cultural Properties Review Committee Procedures
This document is in .PDF format.

Historic Preservation Loan Fund
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Issuance of Permits for Unmarked Human Burials
Regulation establishing the procedures for the issuance of permits to excavate unmarked human burials on state or private land in New Mexico.

MainStreet Revolving Loan Fund Act
State Statutes governing MainStreet loans

New Mexico Prehistoric and Historic Sites Preservation Act
State law affecting the use of lands listed in the State Register of Cultural Properties and the National Register of Historic Places.

NM Reburial Grounds Act
State laws affecting the reburial of unearthed human remains and funery objects.

Standards for Excavation and Test Excavation
NMAC 4.10.16 establishes standards and procedures to excavate archeological sites and areas of historic and scientific interest and to conduct test excavations of archaeological sites on land owned, controlled or operated by a department, agency, institution or political subdivision of the state.

Standards for Monitoring
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State Register Proposed Rule
A proposed rule for listing properties in the State Register of Cultural Properties.

Title 4 Cultural Resources Chapter 10
A list by title and number of state rules and regulation affecting archaeology, preservation programs, human burials, excavations, financial incentives and granting authority.