HPD Forms & Documents » Historic Cultural Property Inventory Forms

1980 HBI Manual
Use this manual for additional information on the architectural styles of New Mexico. This file does not contain Section IV (the inventory form) or the appendices.

2001 HCPI Manual
Use 2001 HCPI manual as an additional reference on the architectural styles of New Mexico.

HCPI Base Form
This form should be completed on-line in NMCRIS. See the SHPO Note on NMCRIS and the Instruction Manual for more information.

HCPI Continuation Sheet
Use this form if you need to add continuation sheets. Otherwise, you can attach a separate Word Document.

HCPI Detail Form (Locked)
This version is locked for editing to allow the check boxes to operate effectively.

HCPI Detail Form (not locked)
Use this form if you will need to use the edit functions, including copying and pasting or need additional space in the narrative fields.

Full HCPI form (base form and detail form, for use in the field)

HCPI Instruction Manual
Instruction manual for completing the Base form and the Detail form. Includes the architectural styles.