Financial Incentives

Tax credits, loans, Certified Local Government grants and small grants are available to individuals, groups and communities.

Rehabilitation of historic structures and sites may qualify for a tax credit of 50-percent with caps on state income taxes and 20-percent with no cap on federal income taxes.

The Historic Preservation Revolving Loan fund lends money to approved preservation projects below the prime rate

In partnership with with local commercial lenders and federal agencies, the Preservation Loan fund lends money at a fixed 3-percent interest rate.  Low-interest loans for buildings in designated MainStreet districts also are available.

Certified Local Governments are eligible to apply for grants each year to fund community preservation efforts such as establishing ordinances, initiating surveys, updating historic districts and continuing education.

Depending on the availability of funds, HPD also provides small grants to individuals and organizations for State and National Register nominations, archaeological survey, preservation publications--including guides, documentary films, books and brochures, exhibits and Heritage  Preservation Month events.