Heritage Preservation Month 2017 | Untold Stories: Cultural Diversity in New Mexico

Heritage Preservation Award and event nominations forms and guidelines are posted on the Heritage Preservation Month page of this website. Award and event forms are due on March 24. Nominators in the Heritage Publication category must submit two copies of their publication by February 15.

The 2017 poster will illustrate the theme, which was inspired by the National Park Service initiative to better represent minority culture in the National Register of Historic Places.  NPS began providing grants two years ago to develop, survey, and document sites associated with Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, the LGBT community, and other minorities. HPD won a 2014 grant that led to development of a digital app for surveying Native American historic sites. The grant also funded a tribal summit where preservation ideas, challenges, and goals were exchanged.

Award nominations and events conforming to the theme are encouraged, although all nominations will be evaluated on their merits.

The State Register of Cultural Properties listing of  Paul Laurence Dunbar Elementary School can be accessed here.