Other Events

August 16, 2014

Bednefit Dance at the Historic Cleveland Roller Mill Museum

The Fritz Davis Band opens at 6 ish pm on the lawn in front of the Mill and next to the outside dance floor followed by the Rifters band at 7:30ish pm inside the Mill Granary Room.
This unique event also includes a potluck on the lawn in front of the Mill starting at 4:30pm for
those who would like to participate. Following the dance there is informal
picking and singing under the stars around a campfire. Camping is available on site and breakfast is free. Details and driving directions follow.

Location: Cleveland Roller Mill, Cleveland, NM
Date: August 16 - 4:30 ish pm Potluck onward
Tickets: $20 per person at the door or in advance

Location: Cleveland is 32 miles northwest of Las Vegas on N.M. 518. Turn right at Roller Mill sign.
Contact: Dan Cassidy, (575) 387-2645 dancas@nnmt.net Linda Todd 505 699 0508 taosdancing@gmail.com Diann Coulson: 505 294 8033