ARMS Records Status

On Thursday June 8th staff discovered an outbreak of black mold in the room the houses the original copies of LA 87804 through LA 131667. We do not believe that any of the records have been damaged, as they are stored in protective archival folders. However, the presence of the mold could pose a health hazard to anyone who handles the folders or even enters the room. The Department of Cultural Affairs has quarantined the room for the safety of all involved and to prevent any potential spread to other areas. These records will be inaccessible until DCA has had an opportunity to have the mold tested and implement the appropriate mitigation measures. The Department is moving quickly to do just that. Within the next few days, we should have a better idea of how long the records will need to remain quarantined.  We will follow up with another announcement as soon as we have that information. In the meantime, the staff at ARMS will do everything we can to help you find alternative copies of any site information you may need. If you require copies of any site forms in the series (LA 87804-131667), we urge you to email us at or phone 505-476-1275.